We understand that every project is unique, with its own set of specific challengers. We tailor our expertise to meet your needs,
from start to finish.

Scope of Services:

Expert Technical Briefs: In need of an expert analysis of the environmental and technical implications associated with produced or hydraulic fracturing flowback water, as well as their technologies? Interested in the regulatory requirements, or beneficial reuse options? Our comprehensive assessments will give you the full picture and arm you with the necessary information to proceed with your project accordingly.

Water Quality Analysis & Treatment Options: The chemistry and composition in oil and gas produced waters, as well as hydraulic flowback water, is substantially different, depending on distinct variables. Our state of the art testing sites allow our scientists to accurately depict the specific water issues you are dealing with. Based on your goals and objectives, we will provide you with all available treatment options, while educating you on the positives and negatives associated with each one.

Pilot & Bench Studies: This will allow us to test your treatment option(s) on a smaller scale before investing significant capital in the full operation. These studies give us the hard data needed to determine the feasibility and cost effectiveness of the treatment plan.